Artist Spotlight: Alma

The magic of music has got me feeling refreshed and ready to share with you guys an awesome new artist that I came across while scouring the endless abyss that is YouTube. This lovely artist goes by the name of Alma, and her brand of catchy Neo-Pop will leave you wanting to dye YOUR hair a glowing shade of yellow! … More Artist Spotlight: Alma


Motion and Anti-motion

Now we stand, aware of our space; now we stand, in control of time. We’ve consciously rediscovered our bodies, with intentions of grandeur. We’ve found the way we flow, the way we move, the way we dance. … More Motion and Anti-motion

Simple Strategies to Sharpen Your Songwriting Skills

Sometimes it can feel as though songwriting is the easiest thing in the world. Seemingly effortless, it can appear almost as though the lyrics and melodic structuring came flowing from your mind like the rush of a mountain stream in spring time. I’ve experienced these moments a few times myself. Out of nowhere, inspiration strikes … More Simple Strategies to Sharpen Your Songwriting Skills

Our Movement for Social Justice

I’m going to start this post by updating the definition of “Power Dressing”.  The phrase originates from the late 1970’s and described women who established their authority in a male dominated workplace. They accomplished this task by adopting men’s styles including colors, prints, textures, and suiting. So I, TZC, am recommending a movement for social … More Our Movement for Social Justice

Sweet Dreams

Hello friends, I have been pondering a question lately and thought I would bring it to a group of individuals that might be able to shed some light for me. Why are there so many people out there attempting to magically come across their dreams? It appears as though we, as a society, have been … More Sweet Dreams


The death of a dream begins in one of two places; in someones mouth or inside your head. Sometimes we feel as though the whole entire world is telling us that we will never make it. That our dreams are foolish and unfathomably out of reach. Sometimes theres an ever persistent voice in our head … More Beginnings.